Monday, April 13, 2009

Visiting Westpoint

L.’s Aunt came to visit her son (my friend D.) in Brooklyn. As part of the trip they decided to visit L.’s Aunt at West Point. D. had not been there yet either so he came along too.
West Point is an military university but it is an Army base first. this meant that we all had to go through a security check point. The amount they search the car is random but usually they just scan drivers licensees. The part we can’t figure out is what they are looking for when they do search the trunk. I mean it is an Army base, people carry guns and other weapons all the time. It is a university campus so I’ve seen plenty of cars with alcohol. The only thing I can think of is to display control. When we went L.’s aunt remembered her son’s I.D. but she forgot her own. They will let kids in without I.D. but not adults. So we had to wait for her Aunt to come out to the gate and vouch for her.
West point has been there for hundreds of years so the architecture of the buildings is beutiful. One of the fun things that we have done is to take bikes with us and ride them around the campus. Another thing that I did was that I wanted to fly kites there since I was trying to make sure the kites that I bought would work good that I was taking to Burning Man with me.

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