Sunday, May 17, 2009


It is now allergy season. Everyone around me is sneezing and rubbing their eyes, and for the first time in my life that I can remember I am not. In fact I can breathe through my nose. It was such a marked difference that it made me ancy thinking it would happen sooner or later. In reality it looks like the allergy shots have paid off. Over the last 8 months (I was doubling up the shots at the beginning to get through the regimen as quickly as possible.) Starting with shots twice a week, and slowly moving up the dosage until I was getting 1000 times stronger shots every month. I need to get shots every month for the foreseeable future but I only sneezed around 5 times for the whole season. Compare that working at half brain power for May and June, Sneezing until my nose is raw and a 24/7 embarrassing runny nose and I’ll take some small lumps on my arms one day a month. The only thing I really have to think is why didn’t I start doing this sooner. I can only imagine how much more socially adept I would have been as a kid if I wasn’t always the snotty kid in the corner. I guess with a big family the squeaky wheel gets fixed and allergies are not life threatening.

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