Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Barbecues

We never had a grill while I was growing up but with the free one that our neighbor gave us how could I resist. Space is at a premium where we live and we really don’t have a front yard so we just opened up the garage and set up the grill in the driveway with everyone sitting in the garage. It made for a good instant party space. My friend on the other hand has a fire pit on a couple of cinder blocks on the roof of his apartment.
I am not expert at all when it comes to BBQs so we try to keep things simple. Shish kabobs seem pretty hard to mess up so we have had them many times. Skirt steak seems to also be one of the easier meats. One of my favorite things to make is barbecued corn:
Pull the hair the corn but leave the husks. Soak the corn in water while the grill is warming up. Grill the corn until the kernels are no longer translucent. Peel back the husk and squirt lime juice on the corn. Enjoy. I just like how the sweet corn and sour lime juice contrast.

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