Monday, June 22, 2009


We needed to escape. We had ideas to go to a couple of different places but there was a storm coming in and everything was looking like it was going to get soaked. So the night before we looked up the weather and the one dry place looked to be Montreal, Canada. We woke up the next morning and left at 5am, getting to the border at noon. There was a visitor’s info shack at the border that allowed us to make a reservation for a hotel for the night which allowed us to feel spontaneous and planned at the same time.
The city is clean and orderly like other Canadian cities I’ve been to. While we were there was some sort of fashion week going on. There was defiantly a french influence not just in the clothes being presented for the show but also just how all the locals were dressed. It was weird getting around, I’m not exactly sure how to explain it. Everyone you talked to knew English, and all the signs were in French and English but the names of all the stuff were playing off of french names so we wouldn’t know what stores sold for example. I can see how it is hard to make two languages equal and how one always looses out no matter how hard they work at it. I’m glad that I was able to experience it where English is an official but non-dominant language for an area (as opposed to just having English signs for tourists).
The places we did go were all happy to see tourists, especially from the U.S. So it looks like the bad economy really has slowed tourism. It was nice and sunny to walk along the waterfront and see all the old buildings. We went to museum that covered Montreal's past and how it was built up over time. We walked along a portion of the underground tunnel. It was summer so they were not needed to stay out of the snow and cold so pretty much only tourists were walking through them. I also couldn’t resist driving over to Habitat 57. It is a famous architectural building that looks like a bunch of blocks stacked on each other to create the apartments.

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