Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fathers visit

My father and his wife had been living in Kentucky and were moving back to California. They decided to visit all their kids on the drive back and while visiting us wanted to visit New York City. He had never been to the city so the first thing I had to do was to make sure to quell any worries they had.
Out of all the people that have come to visit I would have to say that my dad did the best job of staying up out of all the the people that have come to visit. Since L. wasn’t feeling to well I showed them around with “the generic tour” but they were in awe the whole time. It was really funny watching my dad act like a little kid as he saw everything. Starting at Grand Central Station, then take the subway to Brooklyn bridge, city hall, and south street seaport. Walk over to wall street then down broadway past the bull to the ferry station. Take the ferry to Stanton Island and back to see the Statue of Liberty for free then hop on a subway to the world Trade tower. Take the subway up more to the Empire State building and Macy’s then up some more to Time Square. Usually people drop off somewhere in there but they were ready the next day to see St. Johns Cathedral, and Central Park the next day, then have dinner at the Carnegie Deli.
The first time my dad rode on the subway he seemed a little antsy about standing on a moving train, but every time after that he took right to it and would talk to anyone that sitting near him. It was funny to watch the wall fall down that people have in New York City have around themselves since there was someone talking to them.
Since they were staying for the weekend they wanted to visit my niece that was in the city for a summer internship. The only time she had to visit was right after church. So while They all went to church L. and I walked over to central park and rented a boat for an hour ($12 + $20 deposit.) It was just enough time to make it once around the central lake. The place was crawling with turtles and felt every bit like we had gone back to the 1800’s and I was wooing a woman as I paddled my wife around the lake.

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