Sunday, June 07, 2009


I was determined to use my kayak as much as possible so that they did not go to waste (as opposed to previous years). Since L. was not up to it and my friend D. could never seem to go I invited one of my co-workers. He had been canoeing before and was interested in testing the difference between that and kayaking. Kayaking on the hudson didn’t seem like a good idea since neither of us could find a reliable tide charts and we were not sure just how far the tides went up. Not to mention the fact that I didn’t think it was a good idea to take someone for their first kayaking trip into a major shipping lane.
Instead he had a small river that was by his house that we could paddle up. We looked at the satellite photos on the internet and we could tell we would not be able to make it to the dam but it looked smooth for a good portion. Being in New York both sides of the river had houses on them so we enjoyed commenting on the architecture. After around an hour of lazily paddling upstream we reached rocks and rapids that there was no way we were getting past. Just messing around we tried to see how far we could paddle up it. We made it a few feet when J. exclaimed his paddle broke. I beached my kayak and waded into the river picked up the pieces of the paddle and helped him beach his kayak. He wasn’t sure how the paddle broke and I can only guess the plastic scoop got brittle over the years. It was at this point that I was glad I always kept a spare paddle in each kayak, otherwise the saying “up a creek without a paddle” would have been to .real for the liking We ate lunch and explored the island. J. pointed out what poison ivy looked like since I was only familiar with poison oak.
It only took a half hour to paddle down stream and neither of us wanted to stop so we decided to explore the little protected harbor that this river created as it joined the hudson. We ended up padding until 3 by the time the kayaks were back on my car. I had been very careful to put sunscreen on my neck, face, and arms but had forgot about my legs. Since my kayak was a sit on top I had a nice sunburn with a thick white stripe where the thigh straps cut across my legs.
J. insisted on paying for the paddle. No matter how many times I tried explaining the most likely cause he would not hear any other option. I ended up getting a wood paddle so that it would have more flex next time.

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