Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Selling the kayaks

I had had agreed with a co-worker to sell kayaks to him but we had never discussed a date as to when that would happen. I still had plans to try and paddle around Manhattan when I realized that with the change of plans with L. staying with her family for a while that we wouldn't have her car after we moved our stuff into storage across the country. So all kayak plans were off I needed to move the kayaks that weekend since he was going on vacation and would be back until we had already left. I tied them onto car one last time and drove them over to his house, but I had this terrible feeling building inside me. I didn't want my last trip to be to the ship graveyard for so many reasons. But mainly because so many things went wrong.
So when I arrived at his house I said I started with that I wanted to clean them off before I gave them to him but then admitted I wanted to go on one last trip. While I was there I showed him how to put them on the car and strap them down then drove home with them still on. This is really the first time in my life I can think of where I did something irrational because of my emotions.
They sat on car until the weekend. It just so happened that it was our anniversary so we thought we would go down to the beach in New Jersey and paddle them around that area. We really enjoyed the beach but after enjoying playing in the waves we were to tired to go kayaking so they sat on our car yet another night.
On Sunday we found a new place near our house that was just a nice place to put into the Hudson. We had a nice easy care free paddle bird watching swans and even a bald eagle. It was the perfect easy trip that was perfect for a last trip. I used a towel to wipe down the kayaks to keep the other part of the bargain and we put the kayaks beside his house since he was gone on vacation.
Driving home we realized that owning the kayaks for the last 10 years had defined a lot of our lives. It dictated the cars that we choose to buy since they had to be able to carry them. It limited the apartments we could live in since we had to put them somewhere. In reality because of these reasons and the fact that I knew we didn't use them enough to justify the extra expense of the larger cars and apartment as opposed to just renting kayaks I knew that we probably wouldn't buy kayaks again so it made it all the more important that the last trip was relaxing.

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