Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer storms

The summer storms around here can get pretty violent. We were pretty surprised this Saturday by a hail storm. It went from sunny to clouded in about a half hour. Then with no warning it started to hail. It kept hailing until it looked like it snowed. there was enough hail on the ground that a few kids in the neighborhood were building snowmen after the storm had passed.
Another storm that hit us was when we were headed to Jones beach. It was a warm day and I had the top down on the Miata as we were driving. It remained sunny but large drops of water were coming from somewhere and there was enough to hit my face and splash sunscreen into my eyes that I had already put on for the beach. An annoyance of having a few drops while the top was down turned dangerous when my eyes swelled up because of the sunscreen. I pulled over at the next exit but there was no emergency lane since all the roads around here were an after-though. For about the last 1/8 mile I was pretty much driving blind with stinging eyes with L. Steering. I don’t think I will be using that sunscreen again.
We did make it to the beach and were enjoying the sun when I could see way off in the distance what looked like rain clouds. I could see the life guards watching it closely as soon they were calling everyone out of the ocean. Within 15 minutes the clouds were over us and there was a huge lightning storm. We didn’t feel like waiting it out so we headed home. We ended up spending more time driving to and from the beach then actual time there.

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