Saturday, August 22, 2009

Burning Man - Research

I bought tickets for going to Burning Man. With this being my first time going I decided to buy them through the official channels. Basically there are always people buying tickets that can’t go apparently so there are plenty on eBay and craigslist. By buying them directly I was able to sign up for a newsletter that gives me info and news through email. I think it is good because I figure that I could forget some stupid little thing that would ruin my trip.

The way the pricing for the tickets work is they have groups of tickets that are all different prices ($220, $240, $260, $280, $300) But since it is a general admission ticket it does not matter. On the day they start selling tickets all the people in the know buy up the cheap tickets so it encourages repeat visits. I bought mine about a month after they started selling so I got it for $280. They go back and forth every year on if they sell tickets at the door, this year they did for $360. The ticket price pays for renting the land, porta-potties, and things like medical service. Pretty much everything else is volunteer service. Seems like a pretty good racket and I’m sure they are pulling in plenty of money.

I am going to try to do three different projects. The first one is a camera that I will hook to a kite. If I build a timer so the camera takes pictures while in the air then I should get some good aerial shots. The second thing I want to build is an L.E.D. shirt. Basically a shirt covered with L.E.D.’s so that it is similar to a tie-dyed shirt only the colors move around the shirt. You are supposed to be well lit at night and I figure it will be a good contribution as art. The third one is to buy a parachute and create a dome using PVC.

I am not sure if I should drive or fly. If I fly I can take less time off but I will have to be very careful on what I do take. Driving pretty much allows for unlimited weight and a lower total cost but will require taking an extra week off work. I’m not sure if I want to use that much vacation time and I’ve already made plenty of cross country trips and have seen the things that I want to. I guess it depends on if I can get others to go with me or if it will be just me and my brother-in-law.

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