Monday, August 31, 2009

Burning Man - Depression

I woke up from the heat and was still ticked about the broken shade structure. Originally I had planned to use PVC and a parachute but ran out of time (Funny enough it would have cost around the same amount.) I decided to head into center camp so I found my bag but realized the zippers were all rusted shut. I had made sure a lot of things were in working order before leaving but I had just assumed that a shoulder bag sitting in a box with aluminum zippers wouldn't rust up. I threw it aside and just put my camera and notepad in my pockets and my goggles around my neck. (I later used my bike chain oil and a pair of pliers to free up the zippers but didn’t like the sweat it caused so never really used it.)

I was in a bad mood, by myself, and so far so much had gone wrong, so I started thinking of reasons why I didn’t want to leave. the two main ones that kept me there were 1. I didn’t want to spend a week in Utah waiting for my flight out, and 2. I had told a lot of people I was going to Burning Man, it seemed like a very “quitter” thing to do to leave early with only a bad experience.

With my mind made up that I was staying I headed into center camp to get some shade. Everyone else seemed in a bad mood too so I sat down on a couch by myself and these are the notes I took:


•No one really follows any of the rules set out. On arrival I found a couple pieces trash (or “moop”- “matter out of place”) from last year. There were also people with dogs, feathers, and fireworks.

•The creator says he is trying to change the world with the concept of Burning Man but a bunch of hippies partying in the desert for a week never changed anything.

•They promote it as an environmental event but half the art cars are belching propane fires, everyone has to drive in all these extra supplies to look weird and everything made out of wood is burned at the end.

•The concept of Burning Man is to create a space where everyone can be themselves for a week away from pressures of commercialism and society. But a week is not enough time to acclimate so what it really becomes is a week for everyone to be as crazy as they want to be.

•It is supposed to be away from the pressures of society but how come there are still fashion trends like fur leggings.

•All the hippies here depend on the over commercialism of society to provide them with cheap used goods, such as the RV’s and old cars to turn into art cars. If anything Burning Man is the perfect example of over commercialization waste.

•Like any other organized event the people in charge show favoritism to their friends so in this case there are camps/tribes that have reserved the best spots. (I later found out that is because they were also giving away the most stuff.)

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