Sunday, August 16, 2009

Drive-in Movie

In the constant quest for new ideas of where to go for a date night I had come up with the idea of a drive-in movie. There were 3 within about an hour drive so we even had a choice of what to see ( we decided on the double feature of District 9 and The Ugly Truth). We came up with the idea of enjoying some fast food from somewhere close to there but the only restaurant that was anywhere near to the drive-in movie theater was a Red Lobster. So we decided to go all out and ordered lobster and crab to go, I bought some drinks at the store next door and we headed to the drive-in theater.
Now by drive-in theater it was really a grass field with large bumps that you could drive the car up on to so that your windshield pointed up to the screen. The first row was far enough away to be perfect and since we were in the Miata I didn’t want to get stuck behind an SUV. We put the top down and started enjoying our dinner when we were attacked by mosquitos. We had no repellant but the ever-prepared mom with kids next to us was spraying them down so we asked if we could have some too. It felt really awkward asking but it was better than getting eaten alive.
The sound for the movies was broadcast over low power radio so that each car could control how loud they wanted it. It was nice because we could make all the wise cracks we wanted to without disturbing the people next to us.

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