Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Burning Man - Flight in

So the original idea was to fly into Utah, visit with family, meet up my Brother-in-Law and head out into the desert together. As it ends up my Brother-in-Law got engaged and spent all his money on an engagement ring so it looks like I will be going by myself. It is understandable, after the cost of the ticket, flight, rental car, and supplies I figure I spent around $1000. Of course if I had been going with someone else, driving, or this wasn’t my first time, it would have been much cheaper per person. But, none of my friends could take time off and my wife didn’t have the energy to spend a week in the desert.

Out of the three projects I wanted to do I only finished one, the kite camera. I got so close to getting the L.E.D. shirt done but I ordered some of the wrong chips and I ordered new ones and had them shipped to Utah but decided it was better to visit with family instead while I was there. Instead of rigging up a PVC and parachute shade structure I just bought two cheap tarp shade structures on eBay with the intent of having the tent under one and my table and chair under the other.

I packed light since I had to fly in so that meant a lot of shopping at thrift stores and grocery stores while in Utah. We originally got a little Toyota Yaris as our rental car but it had a crack in the windshield so I turned it in for a Toyota Prius which allowed for everything to fit inside. (and made me happy since I had wanted to take a Prius for a test drive.)

I think I have started to think in east coast terms. I was amazed by the amount of parking downtown when I was shopping and I still ended up parking 2 blocks away because I saw a free spot instead of free spaces that ended up being right in front of where I wanted to go. I also noticed that while on the freeway any Ford Crown Victoria I see I assume it is a taxi until I see old people driving them and it shocks me back to reality.

So after visiting with family for a week and getting everything on my list, I said goodbye to my wife and drove off into the desert.

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