Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer walks

There are a lot of paths for walking and biking that are happily within walking distance of our house. (It has always bugged me driving somewhere to walk.) In all the paths we have followed we have found hidden parks, wandered past lakes, trees and go through people’s back yards. We have run into deer and once the trail was to narrow for the deer to run so it just stared at us. We gave it as much room as possible and it just stared at us the whole time. I just felt like it was waiting for us to turn our backs so it could mug us.
On one of our bike trips we we heard a strange knocking sound. I suddenly felt a pain on my arm. I realized there were acorns dropping from the trees. Every blow of the breeze would unleash another barrage. We just had to ride faster to stop getting hit.

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