Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Computer problems

So it turns out our house has a lot of power outages. Almost everything we have has battery backups so we never noticed since we were either gone or asleep. The problem is the brown outs were knocking out the computer. It must have slowed the motor in the hard drive so it failed. I had a RAID in the computer and one drive failed. Then an automatic Windows update made it so the computer would not boot because it saw something was wrong with the RAID but wouldn’t uninstall itself. This started July 14th. I couldn’t use Windows XP boot disk to fix the computer because Vista formated differently. I couldn’t use the Vista disk because I had Vista64, and the Vista64 was an upgrade disk so it wouldn’t boot. These are the kind of problems that companies are supposed to do the logic to figure out so these kind of things don’t work.
I realized I would have to reformat so I found an old laptop hard drive and adapter. I reinstalled Vista and the 64-bit upgrade. Then got an online backup service. It was slow but I got everything backed up in a week. The very next day another hard drive failed, so everything was backed up just in time.
The first thing I did was buy a battery backup for the computer. I put in replacement hard drives and restored the backups. In all it took months for what should have been a couple of hours. It doesn’t matter how much I know about computers things will still give headaches sometimes.

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