Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trip to Rhode Island

There was a conference in Rhode Island for Makers (people who want to make their own stuff.) I wanted to get some information on the Arduino programming platform. We also wanted to see Rhode Island so that sealed the deal.
We left in the morning and stopped for lunch at a local diner. I couldn’t help but to order couhog. Yep, they taste like scallops. We got to Providence early so we decided to go to Slater Mill in Pawtucket. It was interesting to see all the old machinery and how they solved problems.
The Maker’s Faire was small compared to the main one in San Jose but I found out the information I needed. There were people there that had built things ranging from a fuel cell Model T to giant foam costumes. There were soldering stations to teach and help build along with just about every attachment possible for the Arduino.
The biggest headache that we had was the mall. It really could not have been designed worse for cars. I made the mistake of parking there since it was the only place that had all day parking. It took a half hour to get back on the road aimed to the freeway. I drove around forever and it just led back in a circle to the mall.

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