Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Burning Man - Tuesday

I had brought ear plugs so that I could sleep through the 24 hour music but I was so tired I fell fast asleep and woke up refreshed. My thermometer showed that it had got up to 126 degrees during the day I didn’t believe it and reset it, it got up to 124 degrees Tuesday. That did not seem believable since it felt more comfortable than the 90 degree weather I had left in New York and I realized what it was: the thermometer was showing 20% humidity so sweat was evaporating as quick as my body could produce it, so my body was able to keep as cool as it wanted. Whereas in New York at 80-90% humidity sweat just drips down all over getting in my face and eyes making me hot and uncomfortable. So I hate to say it but it really isn't the heat, its the humidity, or lack thereof. I’m actually glad I can check the maximum and minimum on the thermometer because when I put it out in the sun it gets hot enough that the LCD screen just goes entirely black.

I retreated to my neighbors shade and started talking to them. When they asked me what my “playa name” was I had to confess it was my first time here and I didn’t have one. So she simply said my name backwards. I gave this new name to the next person that asked for it that day but with a nose full of dust he heard it as “creamy”. Well one was as good as the other. The next person responded that “creamy” would be a kids name, as an adult I should be known as just “cream” the funny thing is that the name stuck and everyone liked it the rest of the time I was there.

I tried using my kite camera but I brought a stunt kite with the hopes of having a way to control what the camera takes pictures of. In reality I can’t get the kite to hold still long enough to take a picture that isn’t all blurry and frankly with only one camera there is a lot that I want to take pictures of before my camera takes a 100 foot fall.

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