Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze: Imagine 4,000 pumpkins give or take all carved and lit. Yeah the first time I heard about it I thought it sounded lame too. But they use good artists and had some pretty good themes. Using 6 or so pumpkins to make a full size skeleton, dinosaurs, aliens, and pirate ships. The orange glow from everything; it really looked cool. Now the secret is that there are foam pumpkins that are carved too so they reuse some year to year, but I figure as long as they are carved then it is better than wasting the food.

Sleepy Hollow Haunted Hayride: We couldn’t resist taking a hayride through the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Of course they just told stories while in the cemetery so they are still respecting the dead, then once outside the bring out the guy dressed as the headless horseman. I think they over did it though by trying to work in Henry Hudson too. From what I could follow it ended up being pirates fighting with zombies under control of the witches looking for a necklace that the headless horseman stole. I mean it is Sleepy Hollow, go with the headless horseman theme and stick with it.

Halloween Night: Both L. and I were working on costumes that failed. I was trying to finish the idea that I had started originally for Burning Man. The idea of 1000 little L.E.D. lights spread out over a suit. The problem is that the cloth that I bought just would not work with the stiff metallic thread. So when the day rolled around we looked through the costumes we already had from years past. L. decided to be Rapunzel, she just needed a wig. I decided to be the Japanese anime version of “Strong Bad”, an internet cartoon ( that was also known as “Stinko Man” (Yeah I know, obscure. But that is my goal.)
We met up with some friends and headed down to the parade route in lower Manhattan but it started raining, then raining hard. It would not be fun walking around in a drenched costume so we decided not to be in the parade. (I had made my mask at the last minute and the glued on felt was started to peel as the glue got wet too.) L. and I decided to head to a party she had been invited to in Time Square. When we got to Time Square I was wanted to take pictures of our costumes so I put my mask back on and a crowd of Japanese tourists ran over and started taking my picture so I guess my costume went over with someone, even if they probably had no clue who I was (they spoke no English) After posing with them for a few pictures we headed for the Bar where all of L.’s friends were. They had a costume party and the costume that I had spent an hour putting together with a mask that never did dry ended up winning first place. (I personally thought that a guy that arrived late should have won since his costume - Marvin, the Martian - should have won first place.) My prize was a bowling party for 9 people.
Now it just so happened that one of the world series games was going on at the same time, and the Yankees were one of the teams playing. So half the bar was people yelling at all the TV screens for the baseball game and the other half was us. I have never been into baseball. But having it as a background thing to watch, where it was a world series game, and it was a local team in the running, and there were other things to do when I got bored with the game, it made it actually fun to watch.
Of course we needed to take the train home so we made sure to leave the party early enough so that we could catch the last train home at 2 A.M. It was obvious that everyone on the train, didn’t want the party to end so the party just kept going. There were a lot of people passed out, lots of people dancing in the aisles, and everyone comparing costumes with each other.

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