Friday, November 27, 2009


My friend had found some “sew your own moccasins” at a discount store, but only in extra large sizes. So he bought me a pair. (Finally my large feet pay off.) While at first I thought it was cool to be able to sew shoes, I quickly got tired of pulling everything tight (it took about 3 hours of work.) However it did make it worth it to give me a pair of moccasins to wear for Thanksgiving weekend. It very much put me in the festive spirit.
I-95 is kind of notorious for having traffic on weekends with Thanksgiving being the worst. So many people drive between Boston, New York City and Washington DC that the whole area is referred to as Bosco. We had planned to leave early Thursday but we both got off work early on Wednesday and we were already packed so we left early to skip the traffic rush and it worked. I have never liked driving through New Jersey. That part of it is just depressing, and the hazy fog wasn’t helping to cheer up all the refineries.
We arrived in Washington DC way earlier than we expected so L.’s uncle was still at work at the Pentagon and he offered to give us a tour. We got a tour of the areas of the Pentagon that didn’t need security clearance for, and it is funny how much of a museum it is inside there. Apparently it’s all about showing heads of state the history/power of the American military: funny, weird, and cool all at the same time. We left L.’s uncle there to work and drove on to their house to visit.
Thanksgiving to me is all about visiting with family. One of the fun things we did was to all pile on the couch with all our young cousins and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. While I did enjoy it, and watching my cousins reactions. There really seemed to be a lot of lip synching people on floats, and not that many giant balloons, which is what the parade is famous for. The other favorite part of Thanksgiving is making Persimmon pudding. Everyone seems to like it when I make it but I had to make sure the bring the Persimmons with me.

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