Monday, November 16, 2009

T.’s Wedding

My wife’s brother T. was getting married. Not only that he asked me to be his best man. Why me and not a friend? Well he might have asked since he was feeling guilty for flaking out on me for not going to Burning Man, or he couldn’t depend on any of his friends to be there. I wasn’t expecting it, but whatever the reason, I was honored (I’ve never been a Best Man before) and decided to do the best I could and enjoy the experience.
The duties of the best man seem to center around a toast and the bachelor party. Since they had someone else doing the toast I just had to worry about the bachelor party. T. didn’t want any of the generic activities (strippers, gambling, general debauchery) so I tried to center activities around what he liked. Cooking big steaks, watching movies, and pretty much just cousins and brothers being there (racing go-karts had to be cancelled). I couldn’t resist getting a cheap blow-up doll in place of a stripper to get a good laugh, and I borrowed a projector from work for showing the movie. Of course my bad was searched at the airport and there was an extra smily drawn on the card from airport security.
L.’s aunt had a timeshare allotment that she had to use up so everyone got rooms next to each other at a nearby resort. It made it a lot like a family reunion too. We spent the day before setting up for the wedding (they had so many little decorations that had to be pinned up.) I also got my finishing fitting for my tuxedo. I am tall enough that I am used to having a hard time finding the right size, but instead all the working out I had done was lost since they only had tuxes for either tall and skinny or fat, no tailored coats.
The day of, as the best man I was also in charge of “decorating” the car and hotel room. They made me promise to not wrap the car in toilet paper so instead L. and I filled it up with balloons with a nice big sign. All of the cousins were livid that they didn’t get to help out with the decorating since T. had usually been the one to lead in decorating their cars. For the hotel room we covered it in rose petals, delivered all the presents and created a special bouquet to leave on the bed. I taped a bunch of colorful condoms to sticks and took that to a florist where they wrapped it with babies breath and cellophane to make it look good.
The wedding itself, I think was done very well. They made sure that every thing moved along quickly by doing things like merging the reception line and food line into one. I also liked an idea they had by having a dance for all the married couples. As the song went on they asked people married longer and longer to sit down until there was only one couple left. They then asked for the advice of what kept their marriage together for so long.

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