Sunday, November 29, 2009

Visiting my Sister

Since we were in the area we also wanted to visit my sister. When we called them to come and visit she wanted us to pick up something for them from Ikea since it would mean long drive for them otherwise. There was a mall next door to Ikea so L. and I decided to walk around to stretch our legs. The mall ended up being a lot bigger than we thought and the extra crowds made it two hours before we came back out. This made it so we also hit traffic so we ended up getting to my sisters house four hours later than planned. Boy did I feel guilty.
It was really fun playing with their kids and we had fun chasing them around the house, and in the evening we had fun talking while playing a game that we seem to have gotten everyone hooked on, Canasta. The next morning while they were at church to make up for arriving late and since my sister is quite the master chef I decided to share one of my recipes that I’m kind of known for: stacked enchiladas. They were a hit.
While preparing the car for the drive home (replacing the air filter and wind shied wipers) My nephew honked the horn while I was under the hood. I blew up and yelled at L. to not let the kids do that because of my ears. The problem being that my Nephew felt terrible and was moping around and crying for making me mad. It wouldn’t have been as bad expect the last time that they visited I had blown up over something stupid also. I never realized how much my current high stress level was affecting how I interacted with kids. (Basically having a short temper) That is something I will have to work on.
The good news is that we were able to use technology to get us home while avoiding traffic. We used the maps in our phones to figure out where the traffic was and the GPS to route us around it. Most likely it took us just as long to get home as if we would have driven through the traffic but this way it was a leisurely drive through the country side instead of being stuck on a turnpike getting charged a toll to inch along the road.

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