Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hansel & Gretel

One of the things we wanted to do was to see an Opera while in New York City. But, I admit, I am an uncultured swine that would want to see the opera in English. So when my friend offered to buy tickets for an English performance of Hansel & Gretel we couldn’t turn them down. We thought that we were going to get to knock two things off our list and get to see Carnegie Hall too but it was at the Lincoln Center. (Had we not been uncultured swine then we would have known that all operas where at the Lincoln Center because they built the translators into the seats.) As it turned out even with the opera in English we still needed the translator box to understand what they were singing. I really don’t know how people could follow operas before these were invented. In the back of the seat in front of you is a little box that would spell out the text of the line they were currently singing in any number of languages. Once I got the translator set up and was able to follow along, I realized just how twisted of a tale the story really is when they act it out. This was also purposely an over the top presentation that really added to it too.
It had been threatening to snow all day and when we came out the snow had made good on the promise. It was a total blizzard. We of course decided to show how uncultured we were and got into a snow fight between us and some kids that had also seen the show, the problem was that the snow was to dry and would not stick together. They had used snow blowers and cleared the front pavilion into a giant pile of snow, so instead we switched to a game of king of the mountain. The thing was that since the snow was so dry you could fall into the pile and not know when you hit it. Between the layers of coats and how soft the snow was you could dive in head first and feel suspended in air on a cloud of snow.
Of course the best part about a huge snow storm like this is that it does not affect travel in New York City. All the subways were underground (which did cause the problem of everyone’s glasses fogging up) and we took the train home from there which just plowed the snow out of it’s way off the tracks.

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