Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years Eve

So one of the things I have been wondering over the last ten years is what is this decade called. The best I could come up with is the turn of the century. Well then what will the next ten years be called? the teens? Anyway if Y2K stood for the year 2000 then I guess Y2KX is 2010. There is also the debate on the pronunciation: “twenty ten” or “two thousand ten”. Personally the last ten years have been “two thousand and number” everything with this year forward will be “twenty number”.
On New Years Eve we wanted to see the ball in Time Square but had no desire to stick around so we headed down early. Time Square was already crowded when we got there at 3. They had already closed the roads but we were able to get our picture with the ball then we got out of there before it got more crowded. As we walked further L. heard someone call her name. Out of all the people just wandering around her friend that was visiting New York City just happened to be walking right by us. Since we really didn’t have anything else planned for the next few hours we ended up being their tour guide. We took them through Bryant Park over to the main public library. One of the guys in the group of friends we were showing around knew the library better than anyone but had never been there because of his favorite video game “Ghostbusters”. From there we showed them Grand Central Station then walked up 5th Ave. to Rockafeller center and showed them the big tree before saying goodbye.
We headed to my friend D.’s house in Brooklyn. The funny part is that he lives right next to the current cool part of town “Williamsburg” and the center of cool, the Kellogg’s Diner. We walked by it while looking for a place for dinner and he said that he wanted to eat there someday. It was just bizarre, we were right next to the diner, looking for a place to eat, he wanted to go there someday but it never occurred to go there now. (The food and prices were OK, I’m guessing it is so popular because it’s shiny.

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