Saturday, January 16, 2010

Preparations for moving to London

In the hopes of getting some grant money I needed to write a research proposal. The problem that I had was that I was no longer in school. The research papers I needed were all online but I had no desire to pay $10 a pop for each one. There are plenty of University libraries that I could use but they only let students in. I found out my local library had an agreement for any book they didn’t have in stock so I found a book they had and got a big yellow card filled out to get past security. Once at the library I found the books I needed and used my camera to take pictures of the pages I needed. The article I requested was actually in their digital library so they gave me access to their computer so I was able to get all the digital articles I needed and email them to me. Now with all the research material I needed my next area to work on, my weak writing. I do to much of a stream of consciousness type of writing. So I did as good as I could then called in my favor of getting a co-worker professor on sabbatical to read the proposal. (I had given her rides to work while her car dead.) From there I posted my paper on Facebook for friends to proof-read. (I think I ended up scaring more people than explaining what I was going to research.)
As far as getting rid of stuff one of my first goals has been to scan in all our old pictures. I have finished copying all the movies over to the computer so they can go into storage. While doing our first round of house cleaning I found that I had some really strange attachments to things. For instance, there were some stereo cables that I remember getting with my friend when a Radio Shack went out of business when I was in the 6th grade. Weird, I know, but it brought back a lot of memories as I dug through stuff to donate to the thrift store.
In the “research” department I have found online discussions on which parts of London are considered the bad part of town. Trust me when a city gets old enough the good parts and bad parts look exactly the same during the day. As far as I can tell though there are not as defined areas as New York City has. Also as a joke (since both of us have been enjoying watching “The Office”) we watched the British version of the “The Office”. It is pretty much the same story-line with the script changed to fit the dialog and culture, very helpful in a weird sort of way.

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