Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Beach Trip

It was sunny, we had to get outside even if it was still cold. I wanted to go to the beach even if it just meant listening to the ocean and feeling the sun. So we headed down to Funland. I knew they would be closed but that would give us a nice empty parking lot right next to the beach. When I say cold, there was still snow on the ground (in the shade). It was the first time I ever had the experience of throwing snowballs into the ocean (making little baby icebergs).
There were people already laying out, trying to show as much skin as possible while still staying warm. While I give them credit for devotion I take that credit away for being crazy. While I could feel my vitamin D level rising when I let the sun shine on my face we instead decided to build a snowman on the beach. There was a half melted snowman that I was going to move from the park out onto the sand but it was to heavy so I just grabbed some snowballs and a couple of twigs and made a portable snowman instead. It only took putting the camera real low to get the photo to look normal with the sand and waves. L. on the other hand had worn her rubber boots and decided to wade in the ocean. She was the only one in the water but the kids walking by looked pretty ticked off that they couldn’t do it too.

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