Thursday, March 11, 2010

Business related matters

Part of my job has involved working with Unicef. My group had everything planned and then the Haiti earthquake hit. Literally we had the meeting the day after the U.N. building had collapsed and 100 U.N. workers were still missing.We were trying to find things we could work on together so pretty much all our examples just explained how they could be used in Haiti. I did some more work with them where I was the only one that was going down to the city and I couldn’t help but take some pictures of the U.N. flags before the meeting.
Of course part of working with any company requires getting lawyers involved. The Big problem I have found is that their only care about their job. They get paid based on protecting the company. The problem is that when nothing gets done the company is best protected. So it is in the lawyers interest to stop any progress.
I also got my first patent. It is kind of weird to officially be an inventor. To bad my first patents are system patents that will probably never mean anything.

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