Monday, March 22, 2010

Facebook etiquette

Our family has grown big enough that it was easier to create a website for all of us to post information for keeping each other up to date. The use of the website has gone down though as more and more facebook does the same functions and also allows me to keep up with our friends as well. The problem being that this new way to communicate leads to new rules for interacting with people. I treat everything I say as pretty much a public discussion but I also end up posting political opinions from time to time. (I know, I know, never talk about politics or money in public discussion.) I have learned the hard way that there are other people willing to post over and over to try to either change your opinion or drown you out; I’m not sure which. The problem being that I have a diverse group of friends and some of the time there are a lot of political postings on things that I never intend as such with someone getting offended. Now if this was a totally public forum I feel that would be OK but since I consider this to be a representation of how I feel, I should get the last say or to remove offensive material which also offends some people. (I have not been offended, but some stuff is easier to remove then to try to explain one group of friends to another.) At some point, I’ve realized that some people have much thinner skin than they expect others to have so there is no winning.

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