Sunday, March 21, 2010

Restaurant Week

There is a tradition that during the slowest 2 weeks of the year all the restaurants do something called Restaurant Week ( Basically a set price ($26 for lunch or $40 for dinner) to a the whole meal (appitizer, 2 course meal, desert). It is a good chance to go to the really fancy places that would normally cost $100 or more. Of course there are a lot of places that usually have meals in those price ranges anyway so you have to do research to find the good ones. And, the good ones are usually book pretty early so this has been a tradition that people prepare quite in advance for. We ended up going to Jean Jaques and had French fusion. Quite a tasty meal.
To coincide with that our local area had their own restaurant week the following week. There was a huge castle that we had driven by many times on the freeway and knew that it had been turned into a hotel and restaurant. We couldn’t resist eating there since I had looked into it and knew I didn’t want to spend what they were charging. As it turns out, I am quite glad that we didn’t pay to much since their food was not all that great. They served traditional english food that was heavy and bland. It would have been fine at a Renaissance faire but not somewhere where the dress-code required a tie.

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