Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting back into painting

For some time now I have had an image stuck in my head from California. The hills of golden weeds blowing in the wind around the oak trees as a storm starts to blow in. All the weekend trips we took while living in California had planted something in there. I figured that for me to get the idea out of my head then I need to get it down onto a canvas similar to hearing a song gets it unstuck from my head. Unfortunately like a lot of other hobbies I do the first steps of buying the equipment but then stall out on the follow through. In this case a friend had given me their canvases for free that they had left over from an art class. (If I had realized the canvases were the cheap part and buying $50 worth of paint and other art supplies was what I had waiting for me then I would have given the canvases back to her.)
The thing that finally set in motion the actual painting was an art show at work. It was more of anyone that wanted to bring artwork to display. There is something about technical people and digital cameras, so I knew most people would display photos. This made me want to take an airbrushed painted I had done. I ended up winning 2nd place for this painting I had painted 14 years ago. That made me feel guilty since it was so old, so I had to stop procrastinating and just start painting.
The funny part is that, out of all the mediums that I have used (even paint) I had never used paint brushes before. So the free canvases I got just ended up looking like beginner (or kids) painting on the canvas. So I bought more from the store and realized I needed to sketch out the idea first. Even though is was so vivid in my head (such as watching the patterns in the grass as the wind blew them around.) translating that into motions for my hand needed some work. My second try was much better but I could tell like it looked like it was painted from memory. I needed to look up live models. So I searched the internet for pictures of oak trees and whatnot. My third try shows a lot of progression but it is still not the picture in my head so I am still not happy. However, I am enjoying the painting so if nothing else I consider it time well spent.

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