Monday, May 24, 2010

Six Flags Great Adventure

The funny thing about buying tickets is that they were much cheaper to buy online. There were no cutoff dates or limitations so I am not quite sure why they had such a large discount ($40 total saved) just to have shorter lines to get in. I wasn't going to complain though since it allowed us to get tickets, parking, and meal vouchers for cheaper than we could have bought them at the park.
Upon arriving, the first ride that we saw didn't have a line so why not go on it. We both had been to Six Flags Magic Mountain and some of the rides were the same but the Harry Houdini ride was not one of them. It had a similar start as the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland where there is a recorded voice telling a story as the room fills. Growing up around Disneyland and Magic Mountain I had listened to these recorded scripts for as long as I could remember so it was a new experience to hear everyone else talking along with the recording but I had no idea what it would say next.
The newest, biggest, fastest ride in the park was Kingdom Ka. We were there early enough that we walked right up to the individual lines for each seat. Because of this we decided to go for the very front. We were the first people in line when there was a malfunction and they had to check over the whole roller coaster. We didn't want to leave so ended up waiting for around an hour. I think it was actually worth it. Basically it shoots the train straight up a vertical track, turns around and then straight back down until terminal volocity speed is hit. At this point both L.'s and my eyelids were flapping in the wind which made for a weird sensation. I gotta say I don't remember the last time I felt any sense of fear on a roller coaster but I felt it cresting the top of the track and heading straight down from so high. Skull mountain was pretty crappy dark ride but I am guessing this was one of the original rides so in those terms the props were pretty good. Bizarro was supposedly a repainted older roller coaster (Medusa) but since I hadn't been on it, it was new to me. Superman was quite fun and it did a good job of swooping.
Lunch was interesing since we had to use our food vouchers. Because of the discount it made our lunch about the same price as a lunch at a Mall and the quality of deep fried fast food. The problem we had was finding the right restaurant that would honor the coupons. From there we went right back to the roller coasters.
Since I grew up with Six Flags Magic Mountain and was very familiar with the rides there going on the same (or similarly engineered) rides made me feel like we were back in California a little. I knew it wasn't exactly the same but "Runaway Mine Train" felt like Gold Rusher. The Great American Scream Machine was the same as Viper so it brought back memories. "Batman - The Ride" felt the same as, well, Batman. Nitro reminded me of Riddler's revenge but with the smoothness of Goliath. Batman - Dark Knight was a crappy ride that felt like it was a compact carnival roller coaster (It actually felt like they used the track from "Flashback") - jerky and tight turns but it was in all in the dark so you could not even prepare for it. The one kind of ride that we didn't have any desire to ride was the wooden rollercoasters. I have just had to much whiplash to want to go on any more.
For the drive home I knew there was a way to drive home without crossing over into New York and also not go way out of our way. Our GPS was no help since it would always suggest crossing over the George Washington Bridge even though it always has at least an hour of traffic on it. We found the right road (It is the last off ramp before the bridge) and it was hidden so it explains why it is so hard to find.

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