Sunday, May 16, 2010

Turkish baths

L. was already in the city for a conference so I decided to come down so we could do something. We decided since we had not been to the Whitney museum to go there. It has more "out there" modern art than even MOMA has. After that on a whim we bought swimsuits at Daffys to go to the Turkish baths. After we changed and been in a few of the different steam rooms and saunas one of employees pushed thier services and we decided to go with the oak leaf massage that was more like a beating. After streching all your muscles they use a soapy wad of leaves bound together to whack against all of your skin to open your pores. It felt good, but the main reason we decided to do it was as a one time thing.
Some of the other interesting things they have are a shower in one of the saunas. The shock between hot and cold felt good. But the most shocking was in the hottest room (The Russian Room). There was a large stone basin with a constant flow of cold water and buckets. A cold bucket of water over the head feels amazing in the heat. My favorite steam room had eucalyptus oil added to the steam. It felt like it opened my whole chest. There was a cold pool to wade in. As hot as the saunas and steam rooms were the shock of the cold pool was even more shocking and I could only wade in a couple of times.
When we left the warm spring air felt like it was blowing right through us. We walked over to St. Marks and found a Thai restaurant with fresh veggies and meat. After all the sweating the fresh food tasted just like what we needed.

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