Friday, July 23, 2010

Cleaning out the Apartment

L. had taken what she needed and wanted, and anything I cared about was stored at my Dad's house now. So all the stuff that I came back to in the apartment needed to be sorted into throw away, donate, pack for London, or stuff that was forgotten and needs to be mailed. So anything that wasn't going into a suitcase for London needed to be processed. It felt like I was trying to pack the house into a suitcase and anything that didn't fit had to go. The problem was that all I had was the Miata Since I had about a month I figured if I worked on it every weekend a little then it would not be that hard of a problem. I could really only take a load to Goodwill on weekends anyway since they were so strict about no donations after 5PM. They also didn't take furniture so I found a local thrift store that did take furniture so anything that was skinny and tall I donated to them. It was actually weird how we had book shelves, display shelves, display cases, CD cases that were all tall and skinny. These people were also a lot nicer so anything that was nicer that I wasn't going to sell I donated to them too. The rest of the furniture I just put out on the curb when some other neighbours were having a garage sale. They wanted it all so I helped them move it across the street where they added it to their garage sale. I was fine with that, it was all in pretty bad shape and if they wanted to stand around and wait on the off chance that someone would want to buy it then it saved me the trouble if the trash men didn't take it.
As far as the stuff that I was taking with me to London but first it needs to go to NYC while I live there with a friend. There is a large suitcase and my folding bike that I had to take in separate trips because only one would fit in the passengers seat at a time. I figure that as soon as I move to NYC I will not want to deal with parking my car every night so I want to sell it as soon as I move. To get from the train station to work for that last month and a half I decided to finish a project bike I had. It had been hanging on the wall for a year and a half. I had rebuilt my old bike with larger parts because I wanted to see what it was like to have a bike big enough for me. I had finished it except for the bottom bracket (the bearing between the pedals.) I had put my bike tools in storage so I had to take it to a bike shop. Oh well it's fixed and I'll get to try it out for a month before selling it.
One really annoying thing is the land lord keeps trying to get us to move out early. He keeps saying there are people interested and if they rent it then he would refund us from the time they picked up the contract. In reality it is obvious that he does not have anyone lined up and wants up out so he has time to turn the apartment around while he is still getting us to pay rent for it. Me moving out slowly has played to my advantage. because I let him know I could move out on a days notice since there really isn't anything left so..... as soon as they sign the contracts. Unsurprisingly the prospects disappeared. I moved out a week early and will be living with my friend for a month in Brooklyn to try to help save up some money for London.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Visiting Family

My Parents
One of the things I needed to do was to renew my drivers licence since it would expire while I was in London. Instead of registering it for a place I never lived I decided to switch it to my Father's house. We visited them and enjoyed going to the beach and driving to all the places we had lived. As for visiting at their house, I ended up helping rewire stereo. There is always tech support of some kind when I visit my Dad.

My Wife's Family reunion
Because of all the people at my wife's reunion traditions have sprung to deal with the number of people. The area that is usually the garden gets turned into a tent city. Enough camp chairs and plastic lawn chairs are placed under the large tree that at times they can be ordered into several circles for smaller discussions to in rows for meetings. It starts off with signing up for duties (such as which meals) and the Porta-potties are delivered. Each of the children's families start off with a talent show. This allows for all the families to be in one place at one time so that everyone wanting to take pictures has a chance and not everyone is forced to stand around forever like a normal picture event. Another tradition is a pool party in the middle of the reunions to make sure that everyone gets for showers. As for myself, my favourite was playing with the kids and having plenty of babies to hold.
It was such a dry heat as compared to what I was used to on the east coast so it was nice that L's uncle worked for an ice cream company. The company's freezer had broken so there was a whole freezer of frozen treats to help deal with heat.

My Family Reunion
Since there was no way that I would be able to visit all my family while I was in town they all came over my brother's house and we had a taco night where we each brought an ingredient. Since I was moving to London my brother had me sit while everyone sat around me and talked about me. It felt like a wake. I'm not quite sure what the big deal was since the last time that I saw all them was 3 years before and that is how long I will be gone for again. I just wanted to visit with everyone so when they asked questions I would try to go deeper and ask what they thought about it. But the subject would get changed to fast and someone was asking me another question.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Road trip

When we were packing up all the stuff in the house that was going out west there just happened to be a heat wave while we were packing car. We ended up deciding to sleep and wake up early. We ended up leaving at 4 A.M. but by 2 we were to tired to go on. We left at 1 A.M. and made it to my sister's house by noon. I had been promising to visit since we moved to New York. I hadn't seen her for at least 6 years. The next day we drove through a deserted town called Cairo. There were still people living there but a factory must have closed down or something because 19 out of 20 buildings were boarded up. It was very spooky driving through a modern ghost town. While driving through the Bible belt area we saw a camel on the side of the freeway surrounded by small concrete camels. Neither of us could figure out what it meant. In Tennessee there were still flooded soccer fields.It was pouring rain as we crossed a lot of plains. The storms would come on pretty fast and made it so I had to slow down the truck to not get blown over. We stopped for the night at a camp ground in Kansas since it hadn't rained there. While floating in the pool my campsite owner came over and asked: "So, what do you know about Tornado's?" He explained that a tornado had touched down about four miles away but I should keep an eye on the sky in case I saw any clouds start to swirl. The only thing I could think of was, "Kansas is not the place to go camping". We tried to make it the rest of the way the next day but the mountain pass in Colorado made me so tired that we had to sleep there. I am glad that we did because driving through the pass during day was beautiful.