Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Road trip

When we were packing up all the stuff in the house that was going out west there just happened to be a heat wave while we were packing car. We ended up deciding to sleep and wake up early. We ended up leaving at 4 A.M. but by 2 we were to tired to go on. We left at 1 A.M. and made it to my sister's house by noon. I had been promising to visit since we moved to New York. I hadn't seen her for at least 6 years. The next day we drove through a deserted town called Cairo. There were still people living there but a factory must have closed down or something because 19 out of 20 buildings were boarded up. It was very spooky driving through a modern ghost town. While driving through the Bible belt area we saw a camel on the side of the freeway surrounded by small concrete camels. Neither of us could figure out what it meant. In Tennessee there were still flooded soccer fields.It was pouring rain as we crossed a lot of plains. The storms would come on pretty fast and made it so I had to slow down the truck to not get blown over. We stopped for the night at a camp ground in Kansas since it hadn't rained there. While floating in the pool my campsite owner came over and asked: "So, what do you know about Tornado's?" He explained that a tornado had touched down about four miles away but I should keep an eye on the sky in case I saw any clouds start to swirl. The only thing I could think of was, "Kansas is not the place to go camping". We tried to make it the rest of the way the next day but the mountain pass in Colorado made me so tired that we had to sleep there. I am glad that we did because driving through the pass during day was beautiful.

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