Sunday, July 11, 2010

Visiting Family

My Parents
One of the things I needed to do was to renew my drivers licence since it would expire while I was in London. Instead of registering it for a place I never lived I decided to switch it to my Father's house. We visited them and enjoyed going to the beach and driving to all the places we had lived. As for visiting at their house, I ended up helping rewire stereo. There is always tech support of some kind when I visit my Dad.

My Wife's Family reunion
Because of all the people at my wife's reunion traditions have sprung to deal with the number of people. The area that is usually the garden gets turned into a tent city. Enough camp chairs and plastic lawn chairs are placed under the large tree that at times they can be ordered into several circles for smaller discussions to in rows for meetings. It starts off with signing up for duties (such as which meals) and the Porta-potties are delivered. Each of the children's families start off with a talent show. This allows for all the families to be in one place at one time so that everyone wanting to take pictures has a chance and not everyone is forced to stand around forever like a normal picture event. Another tradition is a pool party in the middle of the reunions to make sure that everyone gets for showers. As for myself, my favourite was playing with the kids and having plenty of babies to hold.
It was such a dry heat as compared to what I was used to on the east coast so it was nice that L's uncle worked for an ice cream company. The company's freezer had broken so there was a whole freezer of frozen treats to help deal with heat.

My Family Reunion
Since there was no way that I would be able to visit all my family while I was in town they all came over my brother's house and we had a taco night where we each brought an ingredient. Since I was moving to London my brother had me sit while everyone sat around me and talked about me. It felt like a wake. I'm not quite sure what the big deal was since the last time that I saw all them was 3 years before and that is how long I will be gone for again. I just wanted to visit with everyone so when they asked questions I would try to go deeper and ask what they thought about it. But the subject would get changed to fast and someone was asking me another question.

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