Monday, August 30, 2010

Beach Days

As much as I have been dreading it, I know that cooler weather is coming. Once it cools off here I will be moving to London where there is nothing but cool weather so I felt like I needed to enjoy the heat while I could. What better way than to go to the beach. On Saturday I took the subway down to Coney Island with my friend E. The idea of not being able to stash my wallet in the car made me just bring $10 and my subway pass. I brought the wrong subway pass so had to pay for the subway ride. When we got to Coney Island I thought it would be fun to go one last time to Nathan's Hotdogs since it is part of the Coney Island experience but I felt like a little kid again making sure I had money for lunch and still have enough for my ride home.
After we ate we jumped right into the water. As we were wading around (there were no waves and lifeguards wouldn't let us go to deep because of the rip tides) the water felt lumpy. We realized that there were small jellyfish in the water. I guess they were to young to sting us but it felt like we were swimming in bubble tea. E. got out of the water as fast as she could saying "Eww eww eww eww" We sat for a while and got bored watching people dance to some Puerto Rican music so we went into the water again since no one was getting stung. Knowing that what we were feeling were jellyfish (basically clear marbles) we didn't stay long and just headed home.
On Sunday we drove to Far Rockaway beach. There were waves so my friends D. and E. and I bobbed up and down with waves ranging from 2-4 feet. There was also enough wind that I was able to finally try out my contraption I had built to hook up a camera to a kite (it is called Kite Aerial Photography). I can't believe it worked so well. The kite didn't bounce around like it did at burning man so there was no problem launching the kite then tying on the camera when it got high enough. The only problem was that there was only barely enough wind to keep it up. I launched it twice and it came down gently both times. While it was up it balanced perfectly and the camera pointed at just the angle that I had built it to so I was pretty happy with the results even if the highest it got was only about 50 feet.

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