Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dim Sum

After cleaning out my old apartment I moved in with my friend in Brooklyn until I left for London to try and save up some extra money. Near his house is a bar that has a lot of old 80's arcades. So when I arrived we of course had to go there in celebration. Playing a lot of these old games brings back a lot of memories for me and since they are all still just a quarter dropping $5 for a couple hours of fun is half the price of going to a movie. It is funny how I never would have thought dropping $5 in quarters into arcade games as a kid.
Anyway a New York Times article talked about an arcade that was still in existence from the 80's in Chinatown. We had to go to compare it to the local place. Since we were headed to chinatown I had asked some of the guys at work the best Dim Sum place since it was something that I wanted to do before leaving New York City. My co-workers referred me to place called Jing Fong.
Chinatown is in the old part of the city with very narrow streets and the restaurant did not look like that much from the outside. but once through the door the escalator led up to a second floor dining hall that had to be 100' across and 200' long. It was packed with tables and around 30-40 Dim Sum carts getting pushed around by old Chinese ladies that pretty much only knew enough english to say the names of the type of Dim Sum on their cart. Everything we got was delicious, although we did pass up on the duck tongues and chicken feet. The walls were covered with red velvet and the ceiling and pillars were covered in the gaudy shiny gold that only a chinese restaurant can get away with and there was family style we had some experts that sat down next to us. They hunted out the carts with their favourite dishes among the 100's being offered instead of pulling stuff off the nearest Dim Sum cart. They came back to the table with shrimp wrapped in these white see-through crepes and giant rice balls wrapped in banana leaves. We left stuffed with it only costing $20 for three people. An unheard of low price for Manhattan. We also picked up some dragon fruit from the street vendors and I gotta say that stuff is delicious. It tastes like a cross between kiwi and watermelon.
The arcade we came for actually ended up being quite a let down. All the games were from the 90's so they were all a dollar making it loose the cheapness fun factor. We did have fun playing Dance Dance Revolution (I thoroughly embarrassed myself at how bad I did.) but the rest of the place seemed a little depressing with how many of the games were broken.

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