Sunday, August 08, 2010

London Paperwork

I have hit a big snag. One of the big things that changed when all the healthcare was passed was that they also restructured how student loans are administered too. There will be no more public banks handling student loans, just the government. That is great for cutting wasteful spending but the school I'm going to is not registered with the U.S. government to handle loans. I'm pretty sure that everything isn't fully in effect until 2014 but as a foreign school they are not letting any U.S. students register for a student loan until their paperwork is in order with the U.S. government. The main reason that I need to get a student loan is because for the student visa you have to show around $10,000 in a bank account to show you can pay for living expenses. As much as I'd like to say I've got that much stashed away just waiting for school the whole thing with my wife being out of work most of the last year from her being sick dampened our money saving ability. I did everything I could to fill out the paperwork, send it in to the school, get my research statement approved so that it matched up with the paragraph that the school submitted matched for my background check, and submitted all that paperwork to the school I'm not really sure what they checked on me, but since computers could be considered a "weapon of mass destruction" I have to pass through extra security as compared to say, a lit major.
To get my visa I have to submit my background check, paperwork for my loan, and a magical secret number that proves that a real school wants me to come over. With those forms and questions on the application like questions "have you ever been involved in or committed genocide" with the very next question: "Have you engaged in any other activities that might indicate that you may not be considered a person of good character?" I got to submit finger prints and my photo to a federal building in Manhattan. I just keep being worried that I am forgetting something and it will delay me past the start date.

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