Wednesday, September 08, 2010

5 years

I have been writing stuff down for 5 years now. My goal has been to average at least one post a week, some months I'm under, and some I write a lot but I find it funny that after 5 years I'm only 7 posts over the average of one a week.
I started this out using blogger, switched to iWeb in 2008, and am now switching back to blogger since I want to be able to update the site from more than just one computer. (keeping notes and writing them in later has been a huge pain.)
The blurb explaining this site says it is for me to read when I am old and senile but there is a lot of stuff that even now I only remember when I read it so I guess senility is here early. I am glad that I have been able to keep up this habit though even with just a perceived audience of one. I explained to my friend that it was the mythical invisible online reader waiting for more (that I know does not exist) that makes me write more. Otherwise this would not be online.
When I started this 5 years ago I was just starting grad school. I never thought I would be up for starting my PhD in London 5 years later. I also never saw all the medical problems coming last year for my wife and looking back 2009 seemed to be a pretty sparse year for posts. But the good, the bad, I'm glad I captured it when it was still semi-fresh in my mind. (Because it sure aint now)

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