Monday, September 20, 2010

eBay is Not Worth the Cost or Time

I hate eBay now. What can I say they do just about everything they can to make it hard for users to anything without being nickeled and dimed for every little expense. I of course sold a lot (30) items on eBay trying to get some money for anything that was worth something but the experience has turned me against a company that I used to use all the time.
Since they own Paypal they are double dipping on the charges of selling something. (Between listing fees without any extras and Paypal they charge around 10% of the profit.) Trying to sell something that does not accept Paypal is quite impossible too. The User-interface to list items is awful but eBay has no incentive to make it better since the majority of their profit comes from large sellers that use custom built programs. What this means is that all the advertising they show of finding antiques and one of kind objects no longer apply since pretty much everything is from bulk sellers that are listing stuff from China. It averaged about 20 minutes per item listed to fill in all the check boxes correctly.
The next thing is the return policy. On items I stated quite clearly there were problems. The buyer admitted they did not read the description and eBay forces a refund through Paypal since they hold the money hostage. So I loose money but eBay looks good, I don't see why any independent sellers would use eBay if they were not already a monopoly.

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