Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Selling my car

Our other car had been broken into while I was visiting my friend previously and now that I was living with him I have seen other cars broken into. Every day I came out to the car I just kept dreading that it would be broken into making it that much harder to sell. Not only that, but the inspection sticker expired about a week ago and it is not like I can park it off the street so as to not attract attention. This means that I needed to drive it to work every day since they check the stickers when checking alternate side parking. (My friend got a ticket a day when his inspection expired.) But, since I already had switched my drivers licence over to my Dad's address it would have also led to a big ticket if I got pulled over since my licence didn't have the same state as my plates on the car so I was paranoid when I did drive. Basically I had every reason to sell it as fast as possible.
Trying to get my car sold has turned out to be much harder than I thought. I knew it would be a little harder to sell a convertible at the end of the summer but I was still expecting some responses. The first week I got nothing. I split up the hard top and the car so that I could list the car for lower and I got lots of responses for the hard top. The one person that did test drive it admitted at the end that he just wanted to test drive a Miata to see if he wanted to buy one one day. I did end up selling it for $500 less than I was expecting ($1000 less than I originally listed). It was only three days before I was leaving the country so I cut it a little close. The woman that did buy it had brought along a mechanic friend who could tell that the car was in excellent shape so they were able to look past the 220,000 miles that I think stopped others from even calling.
Once sold I had to turn in the licence plates to the DMV and get a code that I could not cancel my insurance until I had it. It would have been near impossible unless my friend had lent me his car. It makes me wonder what people do after they sell their car that don't have transportation to the DMV.

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