Sunday, October 17, 2010


It was weird when I felt it. I didn't know when I would start feeling like this was home. I was just sitting at the kitchen table drinking my morning protein drink but the difference was that I had found a hand blender so I could blend in some frozen fruit with it. I guess it's the same feeling of warming up with a cup of coffee but that is what it took for me to start feeling like this is really my home.
Later that same day it was movie night at the student village I was living in. The movie they showed was good (The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo) but it caught me as weird when I saw they were driving on the right side of the road (In Sweden since it was not a U.S. movie). So I know that my brain is starting to switch over. I just think it is weird how fast the brain starts to readjust the norm. I mean I have only been here a couple of weeks and yes I have been trying to force looking left when crossing every road but I was not expecting it to become a base reaction any time soon.
There are so many more times when I feel like I have to make a gut decision while riding a bike then when I have driven a car here, so swerving left is a weird feeling; even more so when it has started to happen naturally. The first time I swerved left instead of right it was such a relief but also a weird sensation that I actually pulled over and went over it in my head a couple of times that I really had the right reaction.

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