Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bike Accident

Originally my idea was going to be to ride my bike everywhere and save money by not needing to buy the monthly pass for the tube. For the first week it worked like a charm but the second week I had a crash. Since it all happened so fast the best I can figure out is that I felt the chain slip as I was peddling away from a stop light. Since I was standing up and peddling when it happened my left leg went down a lot faster than it should causing the bike to swerve right and me to flip with the bike going up and over me. I'm guessing this because I have bruises on my elbow and my knee got pretty scraped up and I remember thinking "crap, the bike is on top of me". The part that really scared me is that as the thought "crap, my chain came off again. Hey that bus is coming right at me, I better sit up." I was luckily still cognisant enough to look at oncoming traffic and quickly sat up pulling the bike out of the way of the bus that also happened to pulling out of the stop light. All of this happend within a matter of a second and a half. If I hadn't sat up I would have been OK but my bike would have been run over but it was still quite un-nerving quite the same to see the bumper of a bus coming right at me. While this bus driver watched I pulled the bike to the corner and was looking it over. There was a lady there at the corner that kept repeating how scared she was that she saw the bus coming right for me without stopping. I didn't want to relive my brush with mortality through her so I told her I was fine a couple of times, gave my bike one last look to make sure it was just the chain that came undone and started the walk home. It was not until I had gotten a few hundred yards that I realized that going fast enough to flip a bike usually isn't that good on the body. The adrenaline rush had worn off and my knee was really hurting. I was too mad at myself and my bike to even check to see how my laptop had survived in this whole ordeal as I knew checking now or later would not change any damage done. (surprisingly it was was undamaged in my shoulder bag) but my knee would need to be looked at to make sure I could walk back home. I set my bike aside and rolled up my pant leg, to see that while scrapped pretty bad I hadn't broken to far into the skin so I could walk home without worrying about loss of blood. I stopped off at a pharmacy along the way and found out that band-aids are called plasters here.
I would have liked to have called it a day, but I was headed to campus for a weekly meeting with my advisor and since I had missed the first one because of not having Internet access to check the meeting time. So I had to go to this one. I walked as fast as I could to the tube stop and made it to the meeting. When I got back home, I realized I had bled through the bandage so everything was replaced and washed. Surprisingly I only lost one pair of jeans to the whole ordeal. My jacket and laptop were OK. So the moral of the story is that transporting a bike on an airplane has a good chance of messing up the alignment of the rear derailer on a bike.

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