Tuesday, November 09, 2010

British Technology

Of course since it is my field so I am going to notice how technology is being used differently here. That and I have grown to notice the little things over the years.
Since I am so far north all the satellite dishes are perpendicular to the ground instead of pointed toward the sky. I guess it is good when it snows. No snow can build up on a vertical satellite dish.
I was looking for a wireless router for my room. At the store they only ones for cable or wireless (BT = British Telecom) There was nothing for just the person that wants a router. I finally found one at a charity shop.
The ATM cards have a chip in them. It makes it possible to save the PIN on the card itself so more secure but people are a lot more paranoid about covering up their PIN when typing it in.
The size of electrical plugs really makes travel sized un-useful.
Part of the culture here is to format emails like letters. I must have looked so rude for the couple of weeks that I didn't add "Dear" in front of their name and Sincerely to Cheers at the end.I am doing it now but it still looks weird.
The security door around here have a button to release door that has to be pressed (ON THE WALL). I get quite annoyed since it is not built into door handle like the U.S. It seems like a fire hazard since someone might forget to press it before running out and get squished into the door so no one can press the green button. The also lock us all in when security goes home. I can get out because I have the badge, but again blocking exits seems like a fire hazard.
The secure doors around here have the green button on the wall to unlock the magnetic lock. It is one of those things that I am glad that OSHA takes care of in the United States since they make buildings build it into the door latch. It just seems like if there is panic and people run for the door they will not remember to press the button on the wall and there will be a buildup before someone remembers.

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