Sunday, October 31, 2010


I was trying to make my costume as cheap as possible so I revived a classic that I did a few years back. I went to the the charity shop and bought 11 stuffed animals and sewed them onto the clothes I wore when I flipped my bike. (They were already ripped, so I added a few more rips to add to the effect.) I went to the home improvement store and bought a little bottle of red paint for blood and my costume was done. When I was in the U.S. it was "When stuffed animals attack" but since here they don't have those kind of videos I just told everyone it was what it would be like if your toy box attacked you. In total it only cost £8 and everyone liked it enough that I won 2nd place in the costume contest.
I had heard previously that the pumpkins outside the U.S. were small so I was expecting it. All the pumpkins were labeled large and were about 6" to 8" across. But they had a pumpkin carving contest so it was still fun to carve them and I finished the first one so fast that they wanted me to carve another. Since I didn't know what to do I carved the world. It was fast and the pacific ocean was way to big but I guess they liked it since I won a £5 certificate to Amazon and a trophy as first prize.
The party itself was fun. Because of the low light and everyone wearing costumes I didn't recognize anyone. Of course just from my height and not wearing makeup everyone recognized me so I ended up talking to everyone. I'm still not used to the idea of school sponsored parties with free alcohol but there was. They even carved radishes with an olive in the center to look like eyeballs for the drinks. I am not guessing they would taste good but I guess it does not matter when someone is drunk. There was apple bobbing and trying to eat donuts hanging from a string as games. I was pretty surprised at how fun it was.
Since the school part was actually on Saturday the 30th. I was trying to get caught up on Sunday (Halloween). But while riding the tube I got to chatting with some guys in costume and they invited me to the party they were headed to at a nearby club. Caution to the wind and I went. It was pretty fun but I didn't have a costume. I saw an inflated skeleton that was stuffed under the table so I tied the arms around my neck and had an instant costume. It was pretty funny the reactions that I got just from doing that. Everyone started referring to the skeleton as my date so I just played off of that.

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