Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Part of my disorientation has been because of the change in how things are measured. People weight is in stones, buying things at the store is in measured in kilograms, but everything else is still in pounds. Distance is still measured in miles but now that it is getting colder it does not help that I am now seeing all the temperatures in Celsius (lower numbers look a lot colder). When I'm buying liquids, British gallons are different than US gallons so I buy my milk in 4 pint jugs instead of gallon jugs. You would think that the one constant in all of this would be a two liter bottle of soda, but to fit in the smaller refrigerator they are taller and skinnier.
I knew it would be different but I was not expecting so many conversions in my head for comparing prices in my head for groceries or trying to find the right weight at the gym (switching from pounds to kilgrams is not a good idea since I took a month off while dealing with the paperwork to use the gym at the school for free, those extra .2 pounds add up quick when you're out of shape.)

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