Friday, October 01, 2010

Reducing Down to Zero

So I'm leaving today, and thinking back the most annoying part is trying to reduce all my stuff down to nothing. My brother-in-law talked about it as something wistfully romantic; someone who can pick up and leave without anything tying them down. Well, it isn't. Anything that had sentimental value that I did have is stored at my Dad's house. So anything that is going with me is basically 2 suitcases and a folding bike. The problem is the weight. The suitcases are only allowed to be 50 pounds. I added up all the numbers and between the suitcases and carry-on I have about 200 pounds going with me. I realized that is around the same as I weigh and I have about the same amount of stuff at my Dad's so I have about two people worth of stuff to my name right now. I also realize this is probably the least amount of stuff that I have had in my whole life (just think of all the stuff that is associated with babies.) And, there within lies the problem: Modern life requires stuff to be efficient. I am trying to meet some very conflicting goals. I will be spending all my time working on my PhD so I want the modern conveniences to make my life easier. Not all of them will fit into my luggage, and I don't have the budget to buy all of when I am London. There is nothing wistful or romantic about getting rid of stuff you need.
Everyone has been asking me if I was excited to go. In all truth, I've had a list in my head of all the things that I needed to get done before leaving. Now that the list is down to reducing my luggage weight as the last remaining thing it has hit me for the first time that I am really moving out of the country. Knowing that all that is standing in between me and leaving is a few pounds of stuff is what gives me the motivation to go through my luggage yet again and get rid of more stuff.

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