Saturday, November 20, 2010

Autumn activies

The first thing I had to get used to was saying Autumn instead of Fall.
The "Lord Mayor's Show Parade" exists because the Mayor has swear an oath to the crown every year. It's a parade that has been happening for the last 800 years. (They did cancel one year back in the 1600's because of some person's funeral). I wanted to see it because I figure if it has been going on that long they must be doing something right. For the most part it was a normal parade but there were a few things that struck me as odd. I've seen cannons in parades but this was the first time I've seen tanks and missiles. It was also weird watching military just marching. (Anytime I've seen them before now they were playing instruments.) I guess this is me admitting my insulated shock but it is just odd watching patriotism for other countries like kids wave British flags. Also, it felt weird to have soldiers dressed in the old 1700's red coat uniforms and have people cheering since I was raised on the idea that the "Red coats" were the bad guys. Other odd things were the women scantly dressed in carnivale in 5° weather and all the dignitaries riding by with puppets on their hands. (It just didn't seem like good symbolism).
The other thing is everyone (around 85-90%) wearing red paper poppies for Remembrance Day. (I originally thought it was for a Football match.) Apparently poppies grow better in disturbed soil, so when everything was leveled from all the shelling in World War II it actually made more poppies grow. A poem "In Flanders Field" is written and it becomes an annual tribute. Now people are complaining it is a requirement instead of a symbol (apparently there is another tradition of handing people a white feather for being unpatriotic if they aren't wearing their poppy) and everyone talks about the Royal British legion (Charity selling the poppies, so that's why they all look the same.) in the same way as the Salvation Army during Christmas.

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