Monday, November 08, 2010

City Smells

One thing that I have noticed is that every big city has a different smell. London is no different, here it smells like laundry detergent walking down the streets. I can only guess it is because all the washing machines have dryers built into the same machine here. When the two machines are squished together and then further squished so it can fit under the counter in the kitchen like it is in most homes I just don't think that it can be that efficient, and can't wash all the soap out of the clothes. At least that is what I am guessing since I feel like that is how I smell every day. But anytime I'm walking or riding my bike it is the same smell.
I was thinking what other cities smelled like:
New York City- It smelled like wet dust, even during the summer. It was somewhere between fresh earth and wet cement.
Los Angeles- The use of ice plant is used all over the city as a ground cover and the smell of it mixes with all the push carts selling mexican sausages.
Beijing-It was the smell of disinfectant cleaner that was supposed to smell like roses. I guess the same cleaner is used all over the city. It was funny, when I was in Chinatown in New York, it had the same smell.

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