Friday, November 19, 2010

Conspicous Consumption

It is weird being in such a rich neighborhood. There are so many Austin Martin DB9 parked on the roads they seem like every day cars. I see Bentleys, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis every day too. The hood ornament that keeps catching me off guard is the Maybach because it is just two M's and I can never remember the car name. When I see one it catches my attention because it looks like a hearse with the curtains that it has in the windows. There are a lot of roads where you have to take your life in your hands when crossing the road and the good news is the super expensive cars seem to be the only ones that drive slow enough to walk in front of. I can only guess that the probability of law suits of hitting pedestrians is a lower concern then denting their shiny cars but at least I get across the street.
Another thing I find amusing is the constant construction. I might be surrounded by mansions but they are still built "row home" style where there is no room between them so all the construction material has to be unboxed in the road before being carried through the front door. It seems like on any given day when I walk from the tube to campus that at least one person on each block is either getting a bathroom or kitchen remodeled. I just find it funny that having the money to remodel your house so often seems very inconvenient as far as enjoying having the money.
It does make it a little more depressing trying to be as frugal of a student as possible while there the level of rich eccentricities around me is so high. But, the upside is that I feel 100% safe walking to the tube at any hour of the night.

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