Sunday, November 14, 2010


Something weird has happened when moving here. I am now feeling naked when I leave the flat in a T-shirt. (That is really saying something growing up in California.) It is just more formal fashion here. I mean there are undergraduate students wearing ties and suit coats to class. I've never seen that before. I guess growing up with all private schools will do that. However that being said I have no desire to follow some of the fashion trends here. I have no desire to wear pink or lavender dress shirts. For some reason there are lot of people that dress like that here. Another fashion trend that I find funny is using American college football colors. I see people wearing college football shirts or hoodies but it is obvious they are wearing them because of the colors. I know this because the teams with clashing colors have been changed. It was weird the first time I saw a UCLA hoodie with coordinating colors instead of blue and yellow.
The other thing I realized is that I have to dress different because of transportation changes. In New York I got into my car in the garage and only had to deal with the cold walking from my car into the building at work. Here, I use the tube so I had to buy a thicker coat and carry around a scarf and gloves.

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