Saturday, November 06, 2010

Guy Fawkes Night

So the idea behind Guy Fawkes Night (or Bonfire Night) is celebrating the overthrow of the plot to blow up the parliament building. The best I can figure is that since the same government has been in charge here for around a thousand years they really don't have an Independence day, so this makes up for it. The only problem was that the Fire Brigade threatened to go on strike. Honestly, if the fire department went on strike for the 4th of July, then everyone would be angry. (Luckily they called it off).
On Friday when I was riding my bike home I saw someone burning a bonfire. I know part of the tradition is burning an effigy but it seemed like they were going to burn down half the block with how big the fire was.
On Saturday they had a special trip to the Guy Fawkes celebration for the student village I live in. There was a carnival which I was not expecting so my friends and I walked around for a while then went to watch the fireworks. (There was not bonfire since the strike was called off at the last minute.) Since there is not as much patriotism attached to the holiday there was no patriotic music to the firework show. Instead they played songs like Ghost busters, Superman, Flash Gordan, and my favorite A-Team theme song. I didn't realize how used to patriotic or classical music I was for firework shows. The tube workers did not call off their strike so we had to take buses home. The buses were so busy that we walked about half way because all the buses were full. We were finally walking by a bus stop when a non-full bus stopped so we only ended up walking about half the way home.
Once back they handed out sparklers for everyone to play with. after waving them around for a while of course everyone felt like 8 year old kids. So the logical thing to do was to take pictures while trying to spell things. We got the name of where we lived. But we couldn't wave out hands fast enough for the camera for "Bonfire 2010". We still had a few sparklers left so we ended up with the warden drawing cock with his sparkler.

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